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The Shape of Sleep
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The Shape of Sleep pillow is ideal for side-sleepers; it addresses sleep posture issues common for those sleeping on their side. The pillow is versatile, accomodating your movement through the night, and it was designed for use whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach.

Research //

The Shape of Sleep is the result of an effort to design a superior neck support pillow suitable as part of a program for the treatment of chronic neck pain and as preventive care for healthy individuals.

The Shape of Sleep as a therapeutic device //

Solving Cervical Syndromes :


  • Neck problems are common; the lowest part of the cervical spine is the pain source.

  • The pain is always referred – felt in the wrong place.

  • Forces in the neck during sleep are the major causative factors; treatment must include reliable support.

Meet the Designers //

The Shape of Sleep was designed by Dr. Hugh Smythe and Robert ClarkDr. Smythe was the director of Canada’s largest Rheumatic Disease Unit at the Wellesley Hospital in Toronto and a world authority on musculoskeletal diseases, he applied lessons from his research and colaborated with his patients to lead in the pillow's design. Mr. Clark who served as President of The Arthritis Society, Ontario Division worked tirelessly as a designer and tester of the pillow. 

The Pillow //

  • Rounded neck supported ridge effectively supports the full length of your neck

  • Unique undercut edge gently snuggles into your shoulder for complete neck support when sleeping on your side

  • Unique side-to-side curve anticipates natural changes in sleeping positions, keeps the pillow supporting you comfortably

Purchase the Shape of Sleep //

Which pillow is right for you?

Standard or small?

The standard size pillow is suitable for most individuals. If you are 5’2” or less in height or have a short neck or a long, slender neck and straight back pick the small size pillow.

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